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Archive for the ‘Outing Results’ Category

CGA Riverbend results-Sunday October 16, 2016

Another great day for golf. The weather was picture perfect. Thanks be to God!!!!! We played the last outing for 2016 today with 7 players taking part. Here are the scores:

Darrell/Michelle Linger, Ron Lamb, Mike Hinkle-30
Clay Persinger, Ezra Richards, Lynn Rexroad-35
Long Drive #3-Darrell Linger
Long Putt #6-Ron Lamb
Please mark your calendars for Saturday December 10th as we get together for our annual Christmas dinner at the Steer Steakhouse near Weston. We will ask the blessing at 6pm.
Have a great week ahead. God bless you all.

Mike Hinkle

CGA Riverbend results-Sunday October 2, 2016

A typical fall day at Riverbend today. Cool temps and a brisk wind. There were 7 who took part in today's CGA outing and here are the scores:

Bob Kincaid, Larry Wamsley, Ezra Richards, Mike Hinkle-31
Clay Persinger, Jerry Abel, Bob Mills-34
Long Drive #2-Larry Wamsley
Long Putt #7-Bob Kincaid
Please be in prayer for Charlie Straley as he has a medical procedure tomorrow.
Our next outing is Sunday October 16th at Riverbend at 2pm.
Have a great week and God bless you all.


CGA Preston CC results-Saturday September 24, 2016

There was a feel of fall in the air today at Preston CC for the 15 players who took part in today's CGA outing. The outing was very enjoyable and here are the results:

Darrell, Michelle and Kayla Linger-61
Tom Shackleford, Bill Gum, Natalie Hinkle, Mike Hinkle-71
Bob Mills, Steve Johnson, Ken Lipscomb, Lois Gilmore-72
Bob Kincaid, Harry Grose, Charlie Straley, James Davis-74
Long Putt #2-Harry Grose
Closest to the Pin #9-Bob Mills
Long Drive #14-Kayla Linger
Our next outing is Sunday October 2nd at Riverbend. We will start registration at 1:30pm so we can tee off shortly after 2pm. Please plan to arrive before 1:45 so we can start as soon as possible.
Have a great Sunday. Talk with you at the start of next week.
God bless

Mike Hinkle

CGA Buckhannon CC results-Monday September 19, 2016

Good evening. We had a wonderful evening for golf today. There were 13 players who took part and here are the results:

Darrell/Michelle Linger, Bob/Ellnora Withers-30
Harry Grose, Charlie Straley, Ezra Richards-35
Bob Kincaid, Bill Gum, Mike Hinkle-36
Ron Lamb, Lynn Rexroad, Tom Shackleford-43
Long Putt #1-Harry Grose
Long Drive #4-Bill Gum
Closest to the Pin #18-Bob Withers
We next play at Preston CC this coming Saturday September 24th with registration at 11am and tee times at noon. The cost is $37 per player payable to the CGA by cash or check. We have 15 scheduled to play at this time:
Mike/Natalie Hinkle
Darrell/Michelle/Kayla Linger
Ron/Melissia Lamb
Bob Kincaid
Bob Mills
Larry Ransinger
Ken Lipscomb
Steve Johnson
Bill Gum
Tom Shackleford
Charlie Straley
Have a great evening and talk with you again on Wednesday.
God bless


CGA Par 3 results-Thursday August 18, 2016

Good day to all of you. Please don't forget the Pregnancy Center tournament is tomorrow Saturday August 20th at Riverbend. You can signup in the morning at 9am if you want to play. The cost is $50 and includes lunch and a chance for some nice prizes. All proceeds benefit the Pregnancy Center. If 6 of our member take part it also will be a CGA outing as well.

We had 15 players participate in last nights Par 3 outing at Riverbend. Here are the scores and who won the closest to the pin gift cards.
Scores: Par 27
Mike Hinkle      28
Ron Lamb        34
Darrell Linger   35
Brent Lake       38
Michelle Linger 38
Bob Kincaid      38
Jerry Abel         40
Greg Abel         41
Ezra Richards   42
Larry Wamsley  42
Bill Roff              43
Chris Cosner     43
Lynn Rexroad    44
Bob Withers      45
Ellnora Withers  49
Closest to the Pin Winners:
Hole 1-Mike Hinkle
Hole 2-Mike Hinkle
Hole 3-Michelle Linger
Hole 4-Brent Lake
Hole 5-Mike Hinkle
Hole 6-Bill Roff
Hole 7-Brent Lake
Hole 8-Mike Hinkle
Hole 9-Ezra Richards
Overall closest shot-Mike Hinkle-8 feet on hole 8
Have a great weekend. See you soon.
God bless


CGA Bel Meadows results-Saturday August 6, 2016

Good evening. We had 12 take part in today's outing at Bel Meadows. We played 20 holes to honor the 20th anniversary of the CGA. After play 2 holes were dropped to determine the final scores. Here they are:

Clay Persinger, Harry Grose, Tom Shackleford, Bill Gum-67 (Won on 20th hole tiebreaker-they had a 4 on the 20th hole)
Bob Mills, Denny Mills, John Mills, Dennis Bailey-67 (they had a 5 on the 20th hole)
Charlie Straley, Ezra Richards,Mike Hinkle, Wayne Glashure-79
Long Putt #2-Bill Gum
Long Drive #6-Dennis Bailey
The next outing is our annual Par 3 event on Thursday August 18th at Riverbend at 5pm. Hope you can join us.
The Pregnancy Center tournament is Saturday August 20th at Riverbend with registration starting at 9am. The cost is $50 per person which includes lunch. Contact Bob Kincaid for further info. If 6 or more members take part this will also be a CGA outing as well.
We have outings on Monday August 29th at Buckhannon CC at 5pm and on Labor Day Monday September 5th at Keyser WV at 11am. The deadline for Buckhannon CC will be Wednesday August 24th and for Keyser will be Monday August 29th. Here are who I have scheduled so far:
Lynn Rexroad
Larry Wamsley
Charlie Straley
Darrell/Michelle Linger
Tom Shackleford
Dennis Bailey
Bill Gum
Clay Persinger
Keyser-Labor Day Monday
Mike Hinkle
Charlie Straley
Also please add Dennis Bailey to your phone numbers. His is 517-6134.
Talk with you at a later time.
God bless


CGA Riverbend results-Thursday August 4, 2016

Good evening. We had 9 players take part in the Olympic theme outing. We had 3 gold holes, 3 silver holes and 3 bronze holes. The gold holes were worth equal value to the score on the hole, the silver holes were worth double the score and the bronze were worth triple the score on the hole. The lowest total points won the outing. Here are the scores:

Darrell/Michelle Linger, Mike Hinkle-63 points
Larry Wamsley, Bill Roff, Ron Bentley-72 points
Harry Grose, Charlie Straley, Dwayne Brown-78 points
Long Putt #4-Mike Hinkle
We play at Bel Meadows on Saturday with registration starting at 2pm. We have 8 signed up to play at this time. We have room for others if anyone is still interested. Here is the list I have:
Mike Hinkle
Clay Persinger
Ezra Richards +1
Harry Grose
Dennis Bailey
Bob Mills +2
Mark your calendars for Thursday August 18th as we have our annual Par 3 event at Riverbend at 5pm. We will give away $250 worth of gift cards to the closest to the pin winners that evening.
Also, the Pregnancy Center tournament is Saturday August 20th at Riverbend. If interested check with Bob Kincaid for further details.
God bless and good night.


CGA Buckhannon CC results-Monday July 25, 2016

The storms went on both sides of us, but at 5:30 the sun came out and we had a dozen participants take part in the outing. Here are the scores for the 3 teams:

Darrell/Michelle Linger, Bob/Ellnora Withers-31
Harry Grose, Larry Wamsley, Lynn Rexroad, Dwayne Brown-34
Clay Persinger, Ron Shingleton, Ron Bentley, Mike Hinkle-35
Closest to the Pin #5-Michelle Linger
Long Putt #7-Michelle Linger
Our next outing is Thursday at Glade Springs. Please plan to arrive around 2pm for registration/devotions/prayer. We currently have 23 players (6 teams) for this outing. The cost is $45 per player payable by cash or check to the CGA. I will keep an eye on the weather forecast for Beckley and let you know of any changes to the plans by Wednesday evening.
A couple of thoughts about the outings in August (20th anniversary of the CGA). We have the following outings:
Thursday August 4th at Riverbend at 5pm Olympic theme outing
Saturday August 6th at Bel Meadows at 2pm-Cost is $40 per player for this 20 hole outing in honor the the 20th anniversary of the CGA-We currently have 7 or 8 players who plan to participate. Deadline is this Saturday July 30th
Thursday August 18th at Riverbend-Annual Par 3 event-$250 worth of gift cards are up for grabs that evening-Please join us at 5pm
Saturday August 20th at Riverbend-Pregnancy Center Tournament-Please let Bob Kincaid know if you are interested in taking part.
Monday August 29th at Buckhannon CC at 5pm-Last outing at BCC this year
Ron and Melissia Lamb and Natalie and I will be going to Sumter SC from August 25-28 to take part in the CGA's 20th anniversary tournament and Praise Rally. We ask for your prayers for a safe trip. We will do our best to represent our chapter at this event.
God be with you all.


CGA Riverbend results-Thursday July 21, 2016

Another great evening of golf. The outing was enjoyed by 9 golfers, so we played 3 teams of 3. Here are the scores:

Bob Kincaid, Harry Grose, Larry Wamsley-33
Ron/Sandy Shingleton, Bill Roff-37
Mike Hinkle, Lynn Rexroad, Ezra Richards-39
Closest to the Pin 2nd shot #1-Bill Roff
Long Drive #2-Harry Grose
Our next outing is this coming Monday July 25th at Buckhannon CC at 5pm. We currently have 13 for this outing:
Ron/Melissia Lamb
Bob/Ellnora Withers
Darrell/Michelle Linger
Lynn Rexroad
Ron Shingleton
Bill Roff
Harry Grose
Clay Persinger
Dwayne Brown
Mike Hinkle
We play our 3rd major outing of the year next Thursday July 28th at the Woodhaven Course at Glade Springs. We have the following going at this time:
Mike/Natalie Hinkle
Ezra Richards
Dwayne Brown+3
Bob Mills +3
Ron/Melissia Lamb
Bill Perry
Bob Kincaid
Clay Persinger
Harry Grose
John Morris
Charlie Straley
Larry Ransinger
Ron/Sandy Shingleton
Please plan to arrive by 2pm at Glade and plan to play by cash or check to the CGA for $45 per player.
The outing at Bel Meadows on Saturday August 6 is in need of players. We now have only 3 players signed up. The deadline is Friday July 29th to enter. We need at least 8 players to have this outing. So far I have myself, Charlie Straley and Clay Persinger scheduled. This outing we will start registration at 2pm and tee off around 3pm and the cost is $40 per player for this 20 hole outing in celebration of the 20th year of the CGA.
Have a great Friday. I will talk with you again on Sunday evening.
God be with you all. Thanks be to God.


CGA Fancy Gap results and News and Notes-Monday July 18, 2016

Good morning friends. We are back from our trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a beautiful ride down through the VA and NC mountains. I would highly recommend it to you if you ever get the opportunity. We had 3 great days of  golf at Fancy Gap from July 11-13. Here are the results from those days:

Monday July 11th
Bob/Ellnora Withers, Steve Johnson and Danny-68
Mike/Natalie Hinkle, Ron/Melissia Lamb-70
Ezra Richards, Larry Wamsley, Larry Ransinger, Bob Mills-72
Closest to the Pin-Melissia Lamb
Tuesday July 12th
Ron/Melissia Lamb, Bob Mills, Larry Ransinger-68
Bob/Ellnora Withers, Larry Wamsley-72
Mike/Natalie Hinkle, Ezra Richards-73
Long Drive-Ezra Richards
Wednesday July 13th
Bob Mills, Bob Withers, Larry Ransinger-71
Mike/Natalie Hinkle, Larry Wamsley-72
Ron/Melissia Lamb, Ezra Richards-73
Long Putt-Mike Hinkle
Thanks to Darrell and Michelle for taking care of the last Riverbend outing on July 7th.
We next play at Riverbend this Thursday July 21st at 5pm. Also this Thursday is the deadline to enter the Buckhannon CC outing on the 25th at 5pm and the Glade Springs outing on the 28th at 2pm.
Have a great Monday. I will get back with you on Wednesday morning.
God bless and see you soon.

Mike Hinkle

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