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Fwd: CGA Bel Meadows results-Sunday October 22, 2017

Good Monday friends. We had the best final day weather in the 8 years of our CGA chapter. It was enjoyed by 13 players and here are the scores:

Ron/Sandy Shingleton, Brent Johnson-34
Mike Hinkle, Larry Wamsley, Ezra Richards, Rich Calef-36 (Won on 2nd tie)
Ron Hurst, Harry Grose, Charlie Straley-36
Ron/Melissia Lamb, Clay Persinger-38
Long Drive #8-Brent Johnson
Our annual Christmas dinner will be Friday December 8th at 6pm. I will let you know where as soon as things are settled. Please be in prayer for the CGA. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the future of our Chapter please send me an email between now and the Christmas dinner.
Thanks for being part of the CGA family.
God bless you all.


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