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Fwd: CGA News and Notes-Friday March 17, 2017

Hope your Friday is going well. Happy St. Patricks Day to all of you. I have scheduled 4 outings at Riverbend for the 2017 season with the new owner. We will play at Riverbend on the following dates:

Monday May 1st at 5pm
Thursday June 1st at 5pm
Tuesday August 1st at 5pm
Sunday October 1st at 2pm
I will talk with you later about more details. Have a great weekend.
God bless


Fwd: CGA News and Notes-Wednesday March 15, 2017

Good morning. During this time of lent I have started a daily Bible reading challenge for my church family. A thought came to mind that you may also want to take part. Each day I will send out a different scripture to read. If you want to respond with a thought or two about your observations or how you plan to apply this to your life, please do. I will start tomorrow and continue through Easter. I am using the Daily Bread as my guide, if you read it for your daily devotions.

God bless


CGA News and Notes-Monday March 13, 2017

Good day on this Monday. The CGA Board met yesterday for the second time to make final plans for the 2017 CGA golf season. We need your help in getting the word out about the CGA and the upcoming season. Please pass the word on to your church friends and pass it on to other churches about the CGA Ministry. If you have any ideas about how we can better advertise this season please let me know.

We will open up on Sunday April 23rd at 2pm at the Deerfield CC near Weston. We will hold a preseason meeting and then play a 9 hole tipoff outing that day.
We need new members!!! Invite others to join us this year.
God bless

Mike Hinkle

CGA News and Notes-Tuesday March 7, 2017

Good day friends. The CGA Board meets this coming Sunday to make final plans for the 2017 CGA golf season. The season opens on Sunday April 23rd at Deerfield CC near Weston with a Preseason Meeting at 2pm followed by a 9 hole tipoff outing.

I am currently working with the new owner of Riverbend to schedule a few outings there for this season. I have already scheduled 7 outings at both Bel Meadows and Deerfield, 5 at Buckhannon CC and outings at the Raven on July 6, at Polish Pines near Keyser on May 13 and at Glenville on June 10. We are still looking for golfers to join us at Twin Falls in July.
I will let you know more details as time gets closer. Have a great Tuesday and God be with you all.


CGA News and Notes-Wednesday March 1, 2017

Where did February go?  The CGA Board is meeting on Sunday March 12th to finalize plans for the 2017 CGA season. We will open on Sunday April 23rd at 2pm with a Preseason Meeting and tipoff outing at Deerfield CC near Weston.

The Twin Falls trip has 8 golfers at this time. There is still 5 rooms available. We have yet to make definite plans about this trip. So if you are still interested call Twin Falls ASAP.
God bless and see you soon.

Mike Hinkle

CGA News and Notes-Thursday February 23, 2017

Good morning CGA friends. We are 2 months from the tipoff of the 2017 CGA golf season. We will get things started on Sunday April 23rd at Deerfield Country Club near Weston. We will hold a Preseason meeting at 2pm with a 9 hole tipoff outing following. Please be in prayer for the CGA Ministry and please pass the word about this season. Invite others to join us. Get the word out to churches so they can announce to their congregations about this wonderful ministry.

So far I have scheduled the following:
7 outings at Deerfield CC
7 outings at Bel Meadows
5 outings at Buckhannon CC
1 outing at Polish Pines near Keyser on Saturday May 13th
1 outing at the Raven on Thursday July 6
I am waiting to see what the outcome is on the Twin Falls event. You have 5 days to reserve a room. The last day to reserve a room at this time is next Tuesday February 28th. On March 1st I will see if we have enough to have this event. The dates are July 19-22. The phone number for Twin Falls is 304-294-4000. Tell them you want to reserve a room for the CGA event. After March 1st I will work on scheduling some other outings. I plan to have the schedule completed by the end of March.
The CGA Board will meet again on Sunday March 12th at 3pm.

CGA News and Notes-Friday February 17, 2017

Dear Christian brothers and sisters:

I am doing my best to schedule some of the outings this year so we can use the WV Golf Card. I highly recommend that you get one of these cards if you do not already. They are $45 and can be ordered online or over the phone. If you play much golf it is a good investment. The outings that I schedule, I am asking them for the WV Golf Card price. Just wanted to pass this on to you.
God bless


CGA News and Notes-Thursday February 16, 2017

Hi everyone. This email is about the proposed CGA event at Twin Falls. As of today we have only 2 rooms that have been booked of the 10 rooms reserved. The final day to book a room for this trip is February 28th. I will check with Twin Falls again on March 1st to decide what to do about this trip. If you want to book a room call 304-294-4000 or call toll free 1-800-callWV and have them connect you with Twin Falls Resort. If the response is not good I will then cancel this trip at that time.


Thanks and God bless


Mike Hinkle


CGA News and Notes-Wednesday February 15, 2017

Good day to all of you. The CGA Board met this past Sunday to discuss the upcoming CGA  golf season. All officers were present including:


President-Mike Hinkle

Vice President-Clay Persinger

Treasurer-Ron Lamb

Technology Coordinator-Phil Austin

Board Members-Darrell and Michelle Linger and Charlie Straley


We approved the following items for this season:


Dues will continue to be: Renew for 2017 $15/individual, $25/couple and $25 for new individual and $40 for new couple.


If anyone has a church or knows a business that may sponsor an outing the suggested donation would be $25 for a 9 hole outing and $40 for an 18 hole outing.


We will continue to give out prizes for long drives, long putts, closest to the pin as long as we have the $ to do so. We will not give out prizes for 1st place in outings.


This year instead of the $5 per outing we collected for the CGA we will have a donation jar at each outing. We ask that you give as the Lord leads you to this ministry.


All outings this year will be pick your own team. We will only draw for teams if you ask us to do so.


All players will pick the tees they feel fit their game. The only tees that we will ask you to play are the long drive and closest to the pin holes.


The only outings that will require  prior signup (8 days ahead) are the ones that require us to let them know ahead of time for tee times.


This year there is NO minimum for an outing. We will play with whatever shows up.


So far I have scheduled 20 outings (7 at Deerfield, 7 at Bel Meadows, 5 at Buckhannon CC and 1 outing at Polish Pines in Keyser which has been changed from Saturday May 6 to Saturday May 13th with a noon tee time.) I will schedule other outings after the first of March when I see how the trip to Twin Falls comes out.


I can’t emphasize enough how important this year is to our chapter of the CGA. Last year we were down in membership and outing attendance. We need new members to join our ministry. We plan to stress advertisement of our ministry. If you can assist us in this matter we would appreciate the help. Please invite others to join us. Please get the message out to churches and to the community. Our preseason meeting and tipoff outing is Sunday April 23rd at Deerfield CC with the meeting starting at 2pm.


Please pass the word and be in prayer for the CGA. The board will meet again on Sunday March 12th if you have any suggestions.


God bless




CGA News and Notes-Wednesday February 1, 2017

Good  morning on this first day of February. I am sure all of you are wishing that the groundhog does not see his shadow tomorrow. 

I wanted to update all of you on the proposed trip to Twin Falls this summer. So far I am the only one to book a room. There are 9 more rooms available for the CGA trip July 19-22. You can call 304-294-4000 and let them know you want one of the rooms for the Christian Golfers Association (July 19-22). The deadline is March 1st. If the interest is not there I will then cancel and we can make other plans. Please do not let them talk you into making a deposit on this room. Let them know you only want to reserve the room and wait to see how many golfers we get by March 1st.
The CGA Board is meeting on Sunday February 12th at 3pm at the Tennerton UM Church to make plans for the upcoming season. Please be in prayer for this meeting and the CGA Ministry.
I hope your winter is going well. See you soon. 
God bless

Mike Hinkle

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